Our designs get results:

In the spring of 2015, Google again changed the rules again.  Websites which are not friendly to mobile devices will be docked in Google searches performed on a mobile device.

A year later we tested every website that appears on page 1 in a Google search for website design in CT

CIT scored highest with 98% and only 1 other designer passed this simple Google test - with a score of 75.

Apparently most of our competition is simply incompetent.

Perform the test yourself.  Test A Website Here.

Just plug in the URL for their home page

We design, host and promote business grade websites.  If you have a business, you can't afford to do it yourself or hire our incompetent competition.  We are local, we are better and usually we cost less.

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CIT Services is a full service software development company in Enfield CT.

We no longer have a New Britain address because Debra has moved, but we develop software for small and medium sized businesses in all of Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

Yes, we record and produce professional video also!

Most modern websites should consider putting video onto their websites.  Unfortunately most hosting companies overload their servers and are not fast enough to support high definition video.  We will host your website on a very fast and lightly loaded server.

  • What would you rather have, an effective website or a free website?  What would you rather do, spend 2 hours with me or weeks struggling to create a website no one will ever find?

    If you expect to have a business to run and customers to serve, you don't have time to deal with a "free" website.  Ours start at $500, all inclusive.

    We deliver cleanly working websites and software well beyond the capabilities of our competition.  We are local to northern Connecticut and we are not a front for offshoring.  Our knowledge of New England culture or our careful and safe coding standards put us comfortably above the competition.  Our prices are reasonable too, our low overhead allows us to compete and beat the offshoring companies that deliver problems rather than solutions.

    Please, take some time to explore this website.  If you are looking for a great website, isn't it worth a few minutes of your time to explore ours?

  • CIT is one of the best Website Design Companies in CT and New England

    CIT Services, LLC is a Software Programming company.  We design Websites, eCommerce Websites, Internet Applications and more.  Video is an integral part of a modern website so we do video recording and production too.  We use ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server & Adobe tools to create top-of-the-line internet applications at modest prices.  Give your business an advantage over your competition.

    We do most work in the USA, with little or no offshoring!  We know that our code is safe and solid because we coded it ourselves!

    Call CIT and let's discuss how to implement Internet Solutions affordably.

  • There are lots of website designers but only a few can write the back end logic and connect your website to your business.  We can!

    Here are 2 examples:

    1. A quote application that automatically sends an email to prospective customers, based upon information in a SQL Server database. If the customer clicks on the pictures, they see larger versions.
    2. An Assembly line sorting application that scans a barcode, enters the part into a database and tells the operator where to put the scanned item.

    If you are planning a small to intermediate sized business application and want it to be reliable we highly recommend C# or Java and PL/SQL or Transact-SQL.  Avoid the scripting languages like PHP unless you don't care about robustness, reliability or your reputation.

  • Most website designers won't show their work.  Please take a look at our work; we are proud of these websites.  There is a full list on the Website Services page.

  • The announcement that we have started your new website or software development project should be here. 

    Why don't you contact us and we can get started?  Why procrastinate?

    Because we also do SEO, it is necessary to promote our own websites and to have several of them.  They are:

    Windsor net